01. overview

Bitcoin Incognito 2.0

Next generation privacy preserving Cryptocurrency and Decentralised Autonomous Organisation allowing truly private cross-chain DeFi in the current "Big Brother" age

02. vision


*Dark matter is a cosmic web that ties together the different galaxies in the universe. It’s a misterious substance that doesn’t reflect or absorb light and its highly undetectable.

XBI Dark matter is a multi-year long developmemt vision, containing a lot of successful implementations like: crosschain private swaps, 2way pegging, side chains, non-custodial bridges, next-gen privacy protocol upgrade, scaling techniques, Oracle integrations & more allowing fully trustless, decentralised and private DeFi.
Just like the Dark matter in the universe, XBI’s dark matter will connect different blockchains with the power of the highly undetectable substance - namely the XBI token.
Not only XBI will bring privacy to other existing chains , but XBI will also allow a simple way for everybody to be able to create own private tokens, private stable coins and even DAO's with private voting and much more.

03. governance

Governance and Budgeting of the XBI DAO

With the release of XBI 2.0 we introduce a powerful self-funding budgeting mechanism. It will allow in bringing more development talents, expanding the marketing and achieving massive growth and long term viability as we are following our ambitious vision. It will also be able to fund different community proposals, upon successfull voting via the governing power of the XBI masternode owners.

04. foundation


XBI foundation will be 501(c)(3) non profit focused on financial privacy. Dedicated to bring a Decentralised privacy preserving financial infrastructure for the public good.
Just like the original BTC creator Satoshi Nakamoto, our foundation will have close to 1 million coins, to assure decades of development of the XBI protocol, scientific research and community growth...
- organising live educational events
- creating alliances with other crypto projects and joining existing alliances
- working closely with different Universities
- offering rewards for talented individuals etc
- receiving donations for its Noble mission

05. guides

Ready to Get Started?

Learn how to set up a masternode from scratch or how to enable staking in your wallet.